Private Elementary Schools Near London

Private Elementary Schools Near London

“I must, I can, I will,” that is the motto under which the Matthews Hall School, today, one of the best private schools in London, Ontario, lives.

The reputation of our institution has not been granted as a gift. At Matthews Hall, we have over 100 years of dedication to educating students from their earliest years in an environment that makes them feel appreciated and stimulates their talents.

The sum of all those efforts over the past 100 years is what has made us one of the most recognized private schools in London, Ontario today.

That same effort can be seen today in our academics, which can exceed in their classes the Ontario Curriculum Standards through a comprehensive educational approach that involves physical education, language learning (French), visual and performing arts, dance, and chess.

We put a lot of work into crafting a curriculum that responds to today’s generation’s educational needs, which promotes collaboration and celebrates diversity. And today, our curriculum is one of the most prominent among private schools near London, Ontario.

At Matthews Hall, our students go through the early stages of education and are prepared to meet the challenges of high school successfully. 

This is an overview of our education levels at Matthews Hall:



Students in our kindergarten start receiving a high-quality education at a very early age. 

At Matthews Hall, the kindergarten program is meticulously designed and oriented to provide the foundation of literary and mathematical reasoning to the youngest children through the practice and exercise of reading and writing.

The other significant advantage of our kindergarten program is that our students begin to receive French instruction, as well as music and physical education. This is complemented by creative and outdoor activities to provide a holistic education from the beginning.


Lower School

As our students grow, they begin to deal better with more complex challenges and with the development of more specific skills according to their attitudes. 

At this level, our students begin to participate in activities that require them to practice their skills within an environment of intense collaboration.

In our lower school program, children also begin to try out our co-curricular activities, which allow them to form new relationships with their peers and complement the learning they receive from the formal curriculum.


Middle School

This is perhaps the most critical level of education for children. During this stage, our students begin to go through significant changes, and the educational environment must respond and adapt to them quickly.

The focus of the academics at Matthews Hall Middle School is to deepen and consolidate the skills that our students have been acquiring since the early levels of education and maintain our students’ motivation through more challenging assignments and topics.


If you’re looking for private elementary schools near London, Ontario, it is safe to say that we are the best independent elementary school near you. So if you want to know more about our teachers, curriculum, or co-curricular programs, contact Matthew’s Hall Admission’s office: 519.471.1506

Private Elementary Schools Near London

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Private Elementary Schools Near London

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